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As I write this, this movie as about 25 years old already (although I remember the 80's quite well. This movie was pleasantly and surprisingly good. I ran across this title the other day and it looked interesting so I went out and found it. I love historical dramas and documentaries. It's nice to learn something (hopefully) and be entertained at the same time. Note: Only very mild spoilers in here if at all.








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4520X2540 Ford: The Man And The machine. 4520x2540 ford: the man and the machine man. 4:06 well shit, Robert even told MiB what is this maze. I'm truly astonished by this writing. 4520x2540 ford: the man and the machine video. The only thing I've learned from this is Ford was pretty thin skinned. 4520x2540 ford: the man and the machine free.

4520x2540 ford: the man and the machine trailer

Greatest weapon in mann vs machine: Spy's electro-sapper. 4520X2540 Ford: The Man And The machines. Ah, William. You've found the maze... Nostalgia hit me so hard I almost feel like crying. 4520X2540 Ford: The Man And the machine.





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Before I begin I'd like to point out three things: I'm typing this with my phone, there may be misspellings and autocorrect. This is merely my opinion and the conclusions I've formed, I think the writing, acting and pacing of the show are magnificent. I could go into more detail, but this post is going to be long enough already. I've watched both seasons 6 times and I've noticed more and more each time. I'll try to keep this in chronological order as best I can. The sections ahead will be f.

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