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Ambarsariya Balraj Syal


Can u please react to Daljit Dosanj JATT FIRE KARDA. Love you Diljit Dosanjh😘😊.


Ambarsariya. 100% superhit jyogi movie. Ambarsariya movie download. Aimmy bro Teri acting att a yaar. Gippy directed it. Diljit dosanjh very very very my favourite actar. Best movie of Des WALD lion of Punjab. Punjabi movies are less action driven and more are on dialouges like comedy and emotional. What's why trailers are not justify all things. Jaat meri ' SIKH' ae g gooat mera. SINGH' ae g BEST LINE EVER 👌. I like Panjabi movie. Best of luck. Very nice movie ill say best of 2016 there's still more to come like captain and sardaarji 2 diljit is the reason why Punjabi film and music industry is high ambarsaryia songs story everything is good not for one minute you will get bored this movie was better than all other of his movies diljit now please make an music album u make great songs Way better than love Punjab angrej shareek tied with ardaas people were screaming while this movie and all clapped in the end that means they all liked it this will be one of the highest grossing Punjabi films of all time will beat jatt and juleit 1 and 2 also disco singh and Punjab 1984 but that film will be his best movie forever I want him to make a movie on bhagat singh.

I love it. Too gud n true. Ambarsariya karaoke. I request you to do a reaction on chaar sahibzaade 1 or 2. Plz react on jr ntr temper title song. Ambersariya full movie. Punjab 1984 trailer reaction bro.




I would be happy if this film gets a national award. Please react to 1) rangitaranga 2) ulidavaru kandante both of them are mind blowing movies! you'll love it. 2:03:26 that was so funny. Aaatttttt yg. Awesome trailer can't wait for the movie all the best for gippy bai and team...

Nice ☺☺☺☺. Tussi great ho ji. Yes please like everyone is requesting please react to arnab goswami do consider it jaby. You should do more Punjabi movie trailers. Dev D and Rang de basanti. React to these 2 before going into some fringe masala movies. Diljit ever rocks luv u bhi🔥🔥🔥. Plz react on jr ntr temper title song. Wow! completely taken aback.