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From Dusk Till Dawn Wiki, Fandom. From Dusk Till Dawn (2/12) Movie CLIP - Convenience Store. From Dusk Till Dawn Hollywood Palladium (Re-Upload. I remember seeing clips a few years back on From Dusk Till Dawn, just of Selma Hayek turning into a monster, so obviously I knew I missed out on a bunch of information so I skipped out on the movie. But I know it's mentioned quite a bit because of the Quentin Tarantino fans out there, so when I came across the film in Hollywood Video, I didn't hesitate. Also not to mention that we have a few stars in the film besides Quentin, we have George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis. So I just watched the film and while I think the story had a complete turn around, we went from a hostage/robbers story to a vampire horror story. It happened so quickly that I was a bit out of it after the film, but at the same time I really enjoyed the action. It was unbelievable, I'm not just talking about the vampires alone, I'm just saying how the family knew automatically to use weapons. Well, there are a few things, but I'll explain in a minute.
Seth and Richie are two brothers who are robbers and killers, they are on the run to Mexico. They kidnap a family with their motor home van and cross the border. There Seth wants to meet a friend that can get him started with the money that him and his brother robbed from a bank, they decide to meet at the local strip club that is open from dusk till dawn. There Seth, Richie, the family end up getting something a bit out of their league and what they expected, vampires, and they're hungry for some blood.
The acting is alright, enough to get by as believable, I mean, don't get me wrong, the cast was awesome, but it was a bit of a question to me on the roles they took on. While the story is very cool and creative, like I said, it turns so quickly into something else and they also leave with questions. This wasn't Quentin's best work, but I liked this movie better than Jackie Brown. I would recommend this movie for horror fans, because I know every Quentin Tarantino fan has already seen this film. But it's a cool movie, just I know that it could have either ended better or answered a few more questions.

From Dusk till Dawn is like The Devil's Rejects meets The Lost Boys, with the harshness of one and the goofiness of the other. Its a fun ride throughout and generally seems to have the right idea.

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