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Top divorce lawyer Harry Holland (Angus Deayton) earns much and lives immorally,until a sudden heart attack finds his life being saved by an emergency well,sh*t happens,tomorrow's another day,thinks Harry,deciding to carry on with things,until he notices changes in his personality that he becomes driven to get to the bottom travels to a remote Scottish town and befriends the widow of the man whose heart saved his life and her two children and from there starts to learn about love and what really matters in life.
Following News-of-the-World revelations of his coke and hookers shame whilst his girlfriend was pregnant with his child,Angus Deayton found his once flourishing TV career coming to an abrupt halt until all he could get work doing was presenting Top 100 of this-or-that shows on Sky One or Channel he seems to be trying to make his TV comeback sch-tick go one step further with this schmaltzy,well-worn tale of the immoral guy who suffers set-back and discovers what really matters in life,blah blah herein may lie the problem.
Deayton just seems really ill-suited for this brilliant sarcastic wit and clever put-downs (even transfixing this onto himself by appearing on a hilarious edition of his Have I Got News for You show to be grilled on the week his career-shattering revelations were made public! were what made him famous and what no-doubt netted him a being the lead in this sentimental,sappy,Robin Williams kinda stuff seems a long stretch for are occasional flourishes of said sarcastic wit present in bits of the script,but mostly he just unsuccessfully attempts to broaden his range and fails of the supporting cast are pretty good,but when they're upstaging their lead star,you just know something is the other problem,as I've already mentioned,is simply how tired and unoriginal this all just seems to push all the right buttons and amble along aimlessly until the end rolls up.
It's not a total I said,some of the acting's okay and it even manages to be a little funny in parts,but mostly,apart from being a clever pun on the leading character's predicament,Heartless only seems to describe the effort put into the film as a whole...



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