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I loved this movie. I saw a screening of, The Breakdance Kid" at The Austin Film Festival and could not stop laughing through the entire movie. The characters are very memorable and the filmmaker pinpointed the 80's genre right on.
But it's more than just a poke at the 80's. I went into the theatre thinking it was going to just be a very broad comedy and I was fine with that. But I actually was surprised at the characters and the relationships and the heart that was carried through in this film. Even though Whitey seems kind of stupid in the beginning, you really start to appreciate his blind faith in his abilities and his relentless efforts to succeed. The love story and the relationship his trainer Katfish were especially fun to watch.
I'm not sure if this film is bought by a studio already but I certainly hope it makes it out to video. I think its going to be one of those instant classics with tons of quotable lines.
Very funny movie-brings back the meaning of what a comedy is supposed to be.