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Watch it back 1974 until took off air NBC. One greatest truck show ever made.

Great movie. great acting. Mads Mikkelson is great in this

He's kinda perfect for a james bond character but unfortunately he played a villain in casino royale imo. A one of the best truck movie's! cheers from Norway best movies from 80 year's. What's the song that starts at 1:04. Me neither. No wonder this guy turned into a cannibalistic serial killer. Many of those 70s automobiles seen here are in demand as collector items. Movin' On. This movie was amazing! Like another commentator, it's been a long time since a movie actually made me cry (like tears rolling) not just eyes getting all watery. It also made me raging mad. Mad that this is really the kind of world we live in today. Very well written. I really enjoy movies where characters aren't black and white. The villain is actually the most innocent (child who doesn't understand what she is doing. This movie should be required viewing for all Rolling Stone employees, after the Sabrina Erdely rape hoax and Sabrina should be banned from journalism if not thrown in jail. Glad Rolling Stone is getting sued though.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE 5 STARS FROM ME. Why are there no season 2 episodes on YT.





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