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Very cool trailer! Please don't suck... There's so much im wondering. what will happen to jake, will roland let him fall? Will there ever be a next part where we see eddie and susannah? Will roland find 3 doors. Like this one a lot better than a last one. Just finished watching this on Nutflex, I've seen a lot worse, enjoyed it. Dude i was gonna say the exact same thing. I saw the title Metro and I instantly They're making a movie about Metro 2033. Nope just another lame ass disaster movie Yay.

S k y s c r a p e r. Alittle too ambitious.

This movie was amazing! Is it me or is there a biblical resemblance to it

Watch Online HIGH quality definitons WATCH MOVIE PUTLOCKER. amazon Themovie villain The Tower Without Paying The Tower Stream vf Complet Watch 2018 Online HD 1080p... When is this coming out. Looks good. but where is Eddie and Susannah and obviously the gunslinger keeps both hands and feet so no lobster monstrosities either... 🙁. This trailer makes me wanna go to school on a saturday.

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Breath of the Wild 2: Sons of Liberty.


Why is everybody messing with the time machine. Win Amen, win amen win amen. The Tower. I'm sorry but the original Towering Inferno with Paul Newman and Steve Mcqueen was a whole lot better. Why don't they just go back in time and kill the guy that invents time travel. I know Im late but the dude builds a skyscraper just to Destroy it. Ok Ummm I guess thats Japan for you. The Tower movie download... What I'm wondering right now, is that Harry Potter had 7 books, and more than one movie. the Dark Tower also had 7 books, of similarly fleshed out material. How do you condense all of that into two hours? You really can't, and something like the Dark Tower deserves so much more.

If it was me, I'd do something different than trying to remake T1 and T2, I'd either do a story during the war itself, or do something where it is a short time after the war, and they stumble upon a backup bunker or something causing a re-activation of a number of machines, where hell ensues. but hollywood likes reboots nowadays.

The rock n Bruce Willis r very good actor.