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The execution is thankfully simple. The director uses of images one can relate to on a daily basis. The cinematography is solid and the quiet score is well-fitting. There are no graphic images but the suggestive rape sequences themselves are chilling and difficult to watch. The sequences that follow a confused and tormented Silvia are handled with élan.



In 'No Tengas Miedo' Don't Be Afraid) Montxo Armendáriz tells a disturbing story of child sexual abuse through the perspective of a young survivor Silvia who was molested and raped from the age of 7. The storytelling is quite simplistic and subtle. Armendáriz does not go over the top in conveying what he wants to stress. He successfully avoids the use of clichés. The film itself has a poetic feel but that of a sad poem. The characterization is well done. I wonder how much of the film is based on one's experience as it felt very real.

Φοβάσαι - Translation from Greek into German. Txc-Μη Φοβάσαι.