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I enjoyed this movie on VHS during 90 s here in Ethiopia.

No? Then I guess it's a bi-dimensional ghost

Three men and a baby. love this song. This film is so sweet, 3 men taking care of a baby very sweet. They don't make films like they used to... You're welcome. I loved drunk surfing songs on youtube. I still have this on VHS somewhere. Love this song. Am sure he was. This was a fun movie, so many yrs ago. This film so screams 90's. The Story I Heard by Blind Pilot came on in the background on my iTunes when i was watching this and thought it was part of the video, then i was like wait a second this made in the 80s lol. It fit perfectly I thought. But thanks for uploading this. The 80s. My childhood. Best time ever.

I'll give you a Thousand dollars if you do it ! Jejejejejeje. Steve Gutenberg #policeacademyXXVI. #threemenandabby4lyfe.


Love this movie SO MUCH, and this song is just so great. 3. Longest drum intro evs. 33 seconds. 2018 remake using females rubbish dad Robert Pattinson delivers baby to three girls Kirsten wigg Melissa McCarthy and Emma Watson. Love the 1980s and all the years before 1980. How the world changed in the bad way... I don't know why but every time I hear this all I can see is the Carlton dance. Great job! Mmmmmmwwwahhhhh. Its got, uh, Ted Danson... Magnum P.I., And that Jewish actor. Shut UP Allen. LMFAO, only hear because of the Hangover.