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“For one night all crimes are legal” Me:steals everything from the Apple store Edit: for me the purge is a normal day cause im invisible to everyone so nobody will kill me😁😢. I don't like it when likes and dislikes are hidden. What is there to hide? I would appreciate it if you didn't do that, so people are more open to come here and feel like clicking the like button. Just realized that french actors cannot be angry without a cigarette in their hand...


Death to Bollywood. They hide the truth. Thnx Netflix. Dumbledore using Newt just like he did Mr. Potter. Haven't seen Tim robbins in forever. And Isla Fisher DAMN. What do you mean by changed a country Nothing has changed, there are still many basterds roaming free. Even while I am writing this comment there might be a woman being assaulted. That changed a Nation- But why we are still seeing incidents like madhu in karnataka, asifa in kashmir. Papa ko kuch mat batana-I just can't stop crying after hearing it. For one night, all crime is legal Me: eats the pizza in the middle instead of slices.