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All he wanted was some friends 😢

A league Of there own shouldve been the “ if it was easy everyone would do it”. Using this for school. Legends Never Die. 3:19 Ruth staring deep into everyones soul.


It's 2019 but still i love this... hit like if you too r like that! 😜. Wham Bang Bambino. Master Richie Here we go again... Spoiler Alert: In the book Roy Hobbs strikes out. I wonder if they ever went to McDonald's with that money. Major league 2 one of my favorite movies. Sandlot should be number one. Who's the Babe Ruth of Football, Basketball, Hockey? Football - Jim Brown Basketball - Michael Jordan Hockey - Wayne Gretzky Only Gretzky and Jerry Rice have established All-time records that were Ruthian. The best of. Babe is the best ever. You play ball like a girl. No one could pitch and hit like Ruth.#1. THERE'S NO CRYING! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL! my other favorite is after he hits Stilwell with the glove HAHAHA! GOT HIM.

I don't care what his name is in real life, he'll forever be Kevin McAllister in my mind. Now I know there is a movie of richie rich also 😂😂🤣😂. Who else flinched at 1:44 I did.