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I'm giving this a 7 for its genre, not comparing it to Goodfellas or anything. I'd consider Cabin in the Woods or Behind the Mask a 9/10. These Piranha films have no pretense about what they are, self-conscious horror-comedy-satire, and they do it very very well in my opinion. Just because a film considers itself satire doesn't mean it works - too often their defense is 'oh you just didn't get it. Or, maybe, your movie isn't clever or funny. Piranha 3dd was funny - Hasselhoff could've been dull and cringeworthy but they handled him well - I particularly liked his emulation of his own Mitch Buchanan slow-mo scene. Also awesome - Ving Rhames' redemption; the excellent line from the blonde regarding her first extremely violent sexual experience, in fact, that whole scene; hilariously gratuitous breasts; the piranhas themselves; and the brilliant final scene. There is a lot to enjoy here for fans of tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy.



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