Ios I Dont Know How She Does It writed by Allison Pearson

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Kind of a chick flick, but I watched it with my wife because we were curious if something out there could come close to replicating the life my wife and I live, and this film did a great job of doing so. My wife has a great job and fortunately does not have to travel as does SJP in this movie, but she is away at work full time 5 days/week while our 5 year old is in day care. We have another on the way and are contemplating the decision to hire a nanny versus her going part time - which is pretty much a non-decision given that we can't live w/out her full time income and also considering that she gets a lot of enjoyment out of her work. That said, every day, week, month is an internal battle as to whether we are doing the right thing, and this movie just helped to make us feel like we are not alone, and that ultimately you just have to do what's best for you and your family. The best part of this movie in terms of the comedy factor was the depiction of the stay at home moms - they nailed it! Not sure why so many people gave this movie such a bad rap - maybe because they felt like they were being made fun of. If you are a two income family with both spouses holding good jobs, but have kids, this is a must-see movie. At the least you will find it entertaining.
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Sep 16, 2011 In “I Don't Know How She Does It,” Sarah Jessica Parker portrays a. Although the movie is chock-full of smart one-liners, and Ms. Parker's.


Rating 4.1 (150.