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The Crew


First game to let you free roam the entire US? I think games like this deserve awards. In sponge Bob narration: 5 years later. Is Harry voiced by Samuel L. Jackson? It sounds like him. Who came for the carπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚. 2019: 2 players yhea. 1:53 looks like a gopro mounted to the car with some effects, i am so confused if this is real life or animation. Best Graphic for pc. PC,Xbox one,playstation 4. Can't wait for this Trevor. Speed Car's Nice Osm Animated CREW. Nobody: YouTube algorithm: trailer from 5 years ago. When u were choosing cars I'm like pick mustang pick mustang then u chose the camaro then I'm like I'm done bye.

2014: This is beautifull 2019: This is further beautifull. If only the game was anything like this trailer. 1:20 i love the moment when your friends come in to help. Failed jump 17:28 Successful jump 18:40. This trailer kinda reminds me of Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 Live Action trailer. Anyone else thought the same. Be honest, who here just watched this for the following reasons? 1) you don't have the crew 2 but love the game 2) you think its satisfying 3) you love long drives in this game 4) the car sounds so damn satisfying 5) playing any driving game with a legit steering wheel makes you horny/satisfied/complete. 6) it's in your recommendation 7) want the G29 8) you want to review this game before buying it comment your reason down below.

It's 2020, and still THE BEST GAME TRAILER EVER. OMG THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. The Crew's story: a man witnesses his brother get murdered by a man in his own crew and gets blamed for the murder by a crooked agent, he works with the FBI to get revenge on his brothers killer and restore balance back to the 5-10s. The Crew 2's story: random person does races and becomes number 1 racer in the U.S. AND THAT'S THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN.