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I Grow up in Dc and Disco Dan was the Nicest person ever he never got caught up in the Drama all he wanted to do is Tag his Name all over the City he was definitely a part of the movement. the 80s culture. Rest in Peace. Dan.


By far one of the best OCremixes I've ever heard. one of the best tunes I've ever heard, actually. Chappelle the realist. Let the music do the talking. I would love to see a conversation between Dave and Vince Staples. Perfect. Sigh When will I learn not to read the comments? LOL SMH. Lmao. dragons are not white privilege. Dragons are one of the oldest allegories that represents taming of the wild/dark side of human consciousness.

Simply amazing hands down. Dave is jacked up! Look at the size of his arms. He was a skinny guy for years, now hes a gym rat. Good for you Dave. 0:29 awesome start XD. What a amazing quote about Kendrick lamar. He is a great reflection of influences. He had a great diet. Dave. Dc, TRINIDAD.




The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan.
Known about him since 5th grade, it was actually disappointing at first to put the face of an unknown legend because it kept its mystery, but shit this is dc history.
Dave Chappelle: relaxed and talking calm and cool. Everyone else: screaming into the mic.
No body: Jadens knees: ➡️⬆️➡️↖️↗️↔️⬅️↙️↗️⤴️↪️⬆️↩️↪️🔽↩️↗️↪️⬅️🔄➡️↪️.

1.25 speed. There's always someone in the background not listening on their phone during these legendary interviews. wtffff smh. DC OR NOTHING SLIM. UPT N.W STAND UP, N.E STAND UP, S.W STAND UP, S.E STAND UP.

Whoever is on the sound bites needs to quit. 😂

Best mega man title music ever. Interesting piece on the power of a fantastic music genre. 0% drugs 0% strippers 1000000% good dance and vibe What a perfect movie. 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB and it is interesting to note that JUST LIKE THE VATICAN, DC IS ACTUALLY IT'S OWN OFFICIAL NATION STATE, thereby the notion of it being the capitol of any nation relies on fundamental double standards rooted deep within the deceit of even just conceptual control. love love though.

He looks like the richest homeless man I've ever seen. The Legend of Without Membership Watch THE LEGEND OF COOL DISCO Online Ustream. DownloadWatchThe Legend of Cool Disco DanMovies,WatchThe Legend of Cool Disco Dan. Theme song of nba live now.




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